The Dream Academy

With their varied instrumentation, intimate song stylings, and poetic, allusive lyrics, The Dream Academy always stood apart from their ‘80s British rock brethren; that they dedicated their hit song, “Life in a Northern Town,” to Nick Drake and minimalist composer Steve Reich spoke volumes as to the reach of their intellectual and artistic ambition.

Though they were together for only three albums and a handful of singles, Nick Laird-Clowes, Kate St. John and Gilbert Gabriel left behind a body of work as captivating as that of any of their contemporaries. Their solid songwriting, unusual arrangements and innovative production touches (thanks in part to co-producer David Gilmour of Pink Floyd) only sounding better with age.

“Rhino Records’ suggestion of a double-album retrospective represented a great opportunity to search through the Warner Bros’ archives and listen again to some of the tracks we had recorded along the way but had felt didn’t quite fit with the body of our three albums.

On the one new track, “Sunrising”, it was interesting to work together again after so long and to see how much we’d changed but also how similar we still were.”

Nick Laird-Clowes
July 2014

The Dream Academy: The Morning Lasted All Day

Available from July 29 2014
and October 6 2014

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The definitive Dream Academy collection, a 2-CD, 24-track set features such hits as “Life in a Northern Town” and “The Love Parade” as well as key album and unreleased tracks, rarities and new song, “Sunrising”.

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